Why Should I Care About Having A Brand Image?

Numerous fast growing successful small companies will ask, why do I need to spend money on a logo or tag line when I have been doing great this far without one?

Brand names and tag lines provide separation between you and your competitors or future competitors. The more generic your business the easier it will be to replace you and the harder it is for your customers to recall your name and look. Sometimes the competitors are sly enough to create a look that is close to yours to create confusion long enough to entertain your customers.

A tag line or statement with your logo provides a quick easy reference for new potential customers to quickly recognize what you offer, eliminating the barrier of the unknown service or product you provide.

There are other reasons to pair up a great name and image for your company in addition to these, however this is one of the most compelling in addition to having a name with equity for perhaps a later sale of the business.