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"I am writing this letter to give my highest possible recommendation for Debbie. I absolutely loved working with Debbie and her endless energy and enthusiasm. I found her to be one of the most effective and productive individual that I worked with over my entire career. She has a natural ability to get to the problem and enlist help to develop a solution. Debbie would be a great asset to any organization."
Phil McKinney


Project Summaries


Promoting Value Added Services

Opportunity: Take an inventory of the client's services that make them unique, and then talk about what key customers care about.

What We Did: Reviewed client's services with benefits and brainstormed a statement that could quickly and easily communicate what they do.

Results: We landed on "More Than Mezzanine Flooring" since it defines their product line and brings your attention to important complimentary services you need and care about when selecting an industrial platform deck. "More Than Mezzanine Flooring" is being promoted cohesively in trade shows, press releases, print advertising, Internet marketing, direct mail pieces, give-aways, banner ads, brochures and videos.


Louisville Myoapt (Advanced Orthopaedic Physical Therapy PSC)

Website Planning & Designing

Opportunity: Develop a web site and brochure that communicated the unique benefits of a Louisville Physical Therapy business. Coaching in key search terms, web site layout, copy, standards, and other marketing opportunities.

What We Did: Worked with the client to understand their unique position in the Louisville marketplace and how best to capture that with design, words, and marketing tactics within a reasonable budget.They now have a foundation to continue to expand upon on the Internet and off in marketing.

Results: The new web site and brochure are saving them time with patients and partners in care, while communicating their skills, experience, and personal commitment to the Louisville metro area.




Brand Enhancement

Opportunity: Move the brand identity in line with the target audience in message and visuals.

What We Did: Researched to verify what the potential client cared about and wanted. Visually formulated the look and feel for the compelling message with supporting copy and marketing plans.

Results: Increased excitement about the company’s service, resulting in positive internal and external response rates.


3E postcardTrade Show Invite and Promo

Opportunity: Create interest in the client’s tradeshow topics without giving away the details.

What We Did: The design was a 6” x 9” post card as shown to stand out with the black and green colors playing up the 3 key topics that addressed current concerns of customers. Easily understood that if you came to their booth as detailed on the backside you would find out more about these 3 topics and how their product addressed them to your benefit.

Results: The client liked the design so well they had it embroidered onto their shirts for the show.



“New All Inclusive” Brochure

Opportunity: Design a product brochure to fit into the existing sample case (VHS Case) instead of the individual pages currently being used.

What We Did: Executed a layout that was logical and divided by company information, product specifications, finishes, and installation products while highlighting the compelling benefits.

Results: Very handy for mailing, show promotions, easy to carry, and works in the current sample case.




Promo Project

Opportunity: Excite people about flooring panels and get product samples into the decision maker’s hands.

What We Did: Newhouse Strategic Marketing Inc. coordinated the delivery of several pizzas at no charge to current and potential customers with another pizza box filled with product samples and literature.

Results: Client received several contacts that allowed opportunities to discuss his product line with key decision makers. Over 50% response rate




tableUpdate Booth for New Location

Opportunity: Design a booth to build brand and product awareness with an island location that was open and easy to locate.

What We Did: Designed banners that could be easily viewed and understood from far away. Used the client's actual product as part of the booth construction (mezzanine flooring panels). Introduced truss structures for the industrial market and to define the space while keeping it open.

Results: Numerous compliments with strong booth traffic flow. Banners and signs are used at other events for promotion.






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