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"I am writing this letter to give my highest possible recommendation for Debbie. I absolutely loved working with Debbie and her endless energy and enthusiasm. I found her to be one of the most effective and productive individual that I worked with over my entire career. She has a natural ability to get to the problem and enlist help to develop a solution. Debbie would be a great asset to any organization."
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Louisville Marketing Firms Are Strong in Specialties
Strategic Marketing Requires An Overall Evaluation
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Some Marketing Reminders
from Newhouse Strategic Marketing, Inc.
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Social Networking
Be Prepared It’s Time Consuming
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Marketing Re-Alignment
Are you past due?
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Intentional Brand Knockoffs
If they jumped off a bridge, would you?
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Smart Advertising on Smart Phones
Does it fit and how for your biz.....
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10 Reasons Why Email Newsletters Still Rock!
Why staying in touch is important today.
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Emails Missing
Why Marketing E-Mails Might Miss The Mark…
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FTC Guidelines Change for Endorsements & Testimonials
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Green Opportunities
Seeing Green long or short term, depends upon what and where it is.
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Isolation Marketing
Be careful when you create marketing materials to include examples of numerous customer types.
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Marketing Misunderstood
The Definition of Marketing needs to be reviewed and understood prior to planning.
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Stock Photos
Photographs for your Business need to be appropriate for your business.
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What’s Your Email Brand?
E-mails should be consistent in appearance and format from your business since they are part of your brand identity.
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Add Value to Your Show Attendance
Why Giving a Seminar at a Trade Show Can Be a Winning Opportunity!
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Helpful Changes
Improvements and Changes Help Customers Notice You Again!
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Internet Marketing & Traditional Marketing
It’s time to bring marketing into one inclusive name
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Marketing Mistakes
Observing and learning from others is worth doing…
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Marketing Tip
Review others’ completed work that have pulled together similar
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Marketing Manners
I continue to be amazed by marketing blunders
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Are Your Trademarks Being Used Against You?
It’s up to you to protect your trademarks and brand names
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No Charge Marketing Lesson from Top Talent
Here are a few notes to take while observing some of the best at work:
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Survey Beware
Since surveys have become so common it’s important to be sensitive to survey burnout.
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Why Should I Care About Having a Brand Image?
Brand names and tag lines provide separation between you and your competitors.
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Another Free & Useful Tool
How to make your headlines rock and roll.
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A Dozen Thrifty Marketing Tips for Today's Business Environment
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Re-Evaluate Marketing Messages to Fit the Times
Now is the time to be reviewing web site statistics and messages you are sending out. Click for full article….

Marketing and Sales Go Together Like Milk and Cookies, or Do They?
Sales can provide critical feedback from end-users and buyers. Click for full article….

10 Keys to Marketing Optimization
No matter what method you use, marketing requires homework and needs to deliver what it promises in the service or product offered. Click for full article….

Green Movement in Marketing
No matter where you sit on the degree of this topic, it will affect you and your business.
Click for full article….

How to Measure the Temperature of Your Brand
From website traffic to traditional methods you can gather some important measurements. Click for full article….

Holiday & Appreciation Time
Some suggestions for showing appreciation to customers during the holidays and remembering to be sensitive of all holidays, or simply showing appreciation at a different time of the year. Click for full article…

Quick Checks Can Save You Thousands & Additional Information for Evaluating Advertising Opportunities
Don’t forget to check trademarks, etc. when developing your logos, brand names, etc. They are on the phone with an ad opportunity, how to do a quick head check. Click for full article….

So What Really Is Guerrilla Marketing?
The time has always been right for Guerrilla Marketing because it focuses on the core and accountability of marketing programs. Click for full article….

12 Ways To Keep People Wanting Your Newsletter
Don’t force a delivery schedule that doesn’t allow ample time for relevant news in your business or industry. Click for full article…

Guard Your Brand Like Your Personal Name
If you can remember that building a brand name is not unlike your personal name then you can prevent those with good intentions from modifying or eroding your brand and tagline value. Click for full article…

Make Sure Email Leads Don’t End Up in a Black Hole
Always test your customer contact points, because it’s the only sure way to make sure you are getting what you paid for in promotions and to experience your potential customers’ experience. Click for full article…

A Marketing Edge
One of your best edges you can use today is to promptly respond to your clients and inquiries. Click for full article…

Online Marketing Takes More Of A Customer Mindset for Success
It happens to all of us, we click a site only to discover it’s not what we thought it was about. Click for full article…

Tips of the Month (May/June)
It’s the small stuff that can make a difference sometimes. Click for full article…

Do Your Promotional Materials Match Your Product or Service?
Be careful when you are selecting your paper stock, colors and other business materials for your company. Click for full article…

Tips for Taking Your Business to the Next Level
You are excited and feel you can increase your business because you have had steady growth and now feel like you have just hit a wall. Click for full article…

Color Cues
What You Don’t Know Could Hurt

Colors can give such a boost to your company’s identity, promotions, web sites, and your personal image, and yet we forget their powers. Click for full article…

What is a White Paper and Why Should I Care?
White papers are articles written to inform and educate a specific audience about products or services with technical information and evidence for positioning the product or service accordingly. Click for full article…

Marketing as a Meal
The difference between marketing and advertising outlined in a menu format. Click for full article

Some of these articles have appeared on Jay Levinson’s Guerrilla Marketing website and in the Rev Up Now Newsletter.


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