What is a White Paper and Why Should I Care?

White papers are articles written to inform and educate a specific audience about products or services with technical information and evidence for positioning the product or service accordingly.

Yes, we include some marketing, however this should be kept to a minimal to sustain creditability. For example when I would write an article about drill bits I would usually provide a background of what type of drill bits worked best in specific applications and how the new design fulfilled a gap in this segment with comparative test data tables.

So lets start with an outline that fulfills these sections:

Now let’s review what will make this white paper strong and non-advertising:

Let’s make sure we don’t sound like an ad, since all of us more than likely have started to read such an article and then discarded it for this very reason.

PS: Guerrilla Marketers love white papers because they can multiply like rabbits on the Internet for very little cost and effort.

Submitted by: Debbie Newhouse
Newhouse Strategic Marketing, Inc. and Rev Up Now, LLC