What is Guerrilla Marketing™?

Back in the mid 80’s I was introduced to Guerrilla Marketing Warfare and thought it was frugal accountable marketing. It really is, I just didn’t realize they had a formal name and book for what I was performing at the time.

Today Guerrilla Marketing books are everywhere and I recently became a certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach.

The time has always been right for Guerrilla Marketing because it focuses on the core and accountability of marketing programs. This means you do some research, focus your aim and execute, then review the results for tweaking. It works and is incredibly simple when planned and executed properly. The trouble is most individuals don’t want to follow-up or do the nit and grits prior to starting the fun part of marketing (choose your area, print, ads, commercials, etc.).

The fun part of marketing has gotten more people in trouble and has given marketing a terrible reputation for several reasons. I am sure money is the number one negative. Big funds spent with no precise target is like splatter marketing, I don’t think several of us would just stick a bunch of ingredients in a bowl, mix it and eat it. This is why a marketing plan is critical to your budgets and success.

However, those of us that have been doing successful marketing for a while realize the work prior to and after that must take place in order to understand where your marketing dollars should be spent.

If you are on a tight budget you can pick up any Guerrilla Marketing book by Jay Conrad Levinson and get quickly educated prior to meeting with professionals or take on the parts you are comfortable with. Mitch Meyerson has also written some quick reads regarding marketing.

Guerrilla Marketing is the entire customer experience, which marketing truly is when you stop to think about it. So integrate your marketing thoughts throughout your corporation and really get to know your niche, edge, and customers. Then you will understand where and how to talk to them about what they really care about and why it should be you.

Submitted by Debbie Newhouse of Rev Up Now, LLC & Newhouse Strategic Marketing, Inc.