Are Your Trademarks Being Used Against You?

It’s up to you to protect your trademarks and brand names, so make sure you check your marks on Google or other popular internet search engine sites to see what pops up after the entry.

If it’s a banner ad, sponsored link or other paid advertisement that includes your protected trademark you need to contact the appropriate party to remind them it belongs to you.

Here’s a link to the Google page for complaints when a competitor or someone else uses your company or product name in a sponsored ad online on Google.

If you have a protected trademark it’s up to you to be vigilant in keeping it that way. Sometimes these ads are placed to confuse the customer into thinking it’s the same product, when it’s not.

So I highly recommend that clients monitor on line and off line numerous areas to keep their protected tag lines, logos, product names, etc. actively theirs and avoid having their sales hijacked by competitors or others looking to confuse potential customers.

Submitted by: Debbie Newhouse
Newhouse Strategic Marketing, Inc.