Re-Evaluate Marketing Messages to Fit the Times

Now is the time to be reviewing web site statistics and messages you are sending out.

When economic times get tighter search terms and budgets change, therefore it’s important to review your current marketing messages in search terms, pay per click campaigns, directory listings on-line, and promotional materials.

Several are charged with cutting budgets right now and they may include those concerns in their search for future goods and services.

By reviewing your web site statistics you may easily note a shift on what pages customers are coming in on, what search terms they are using to find you, and be able to start shifting products and services to these new trends.

It’s part of keeping up with the times, and requires more energy than dollars to perform this type of marketing homework.

Now is the time for Guerrilla Marketing Mindsets!

Submitted by: Debbie Newhouse
Newhouse Strategic Marketing, Inc.