Internet Marketing & Traditional Marketing

It’s time to bring marketing into one inclusive name Marketing; the Internet is just an additional vehicle for communicating your message, like direct mail, print ads, etc.

A solid marketing professional will break all of these elements up for evaluation because they require a different thought process for varying results. And of course there are specialists for all sectors. However, when discussing marketing overall there really isn’t a need to distinguish between the on-line and off-line unless you are only one or the other.

Understanding all marketing areas takes some time and desire, however it’s worth your time to understand the critical elements in each in order to ask smart questions regarding your business.

One area to start is the psychology of your specific audience; Guerrilla Marketing has been preaching this for years. Recently I ran across an article that made me smile because it spoke of how demographics shouldn’t be the only lead for your target and that personality (psychology) were even more important because customers are making a choice of how they prefer to receive your message (video, blog, direct mail, newspapers, radio, etc.) since there are so many options in today’s world.

So start with your audience’s communication preference and still use some demographics for consideration or complimentary information. This will allow you to highlight the areas where you should send your message in order of priority using audience personality preferences. Also remember to review your color psychology guides as well.

Submitted by Debbie Newhouse