Marketing and Sales Go Together Like Milk and Cookies, or Do They?

I was at an advantage since I learned my marketing profession on the job prior to receiving my college degree, and therefore took the best routes I could find to be effective and successful at my job, with a mentor who understood the value of teamwork. In other words I didn’t have time for politics or turf protection?.

The lessons I learned then and use today are to respect the people on the front lines and the ones behind the scenes because we need each other in order to succeed and beat the competition.

By supporting what the sales team needs in products and communications you increase their success and make their job easier.

Sales can provide critical feedback from end-users and buyers that marketing should never ignore.

For example we had some returns due to improper applications; therefore we revised our communications regarding use with images rather than words, it reduced the problem significantly.

Sales stated that testimonials were great, however hands-on for a product were even better. Therefore, we went to work to find a way if possible to demonstrate the advantages of our product versus others. Appointments became more engaging with customers and orders were secured easier.

Marketing and Sales can both have great ideas, however what makes the difference in success is bringing these ideas together and molding them for the customer. By solving the challenge together, rather than dictating to one another, we open up the solution to greater remedies and plans.

Therefore, prior to developing that great set of brochures, why not ask the sales team if and how to make the format better and easier for them to present?

If you wear both of these hats, then stand back and role play both sides with pros and cons to develop the best deliverable.

Submitted by: Debbie Newhouse
Newhouse Strategic Marketing, Inc.