Marketing Mistakes

Observing and learning from others is worth doing….

Recently I attended an event that included promotional giveaways and normally these are well received.

However, in this particular situation the audience was on hand to listen and watch a live simulcast. It was easy to read that this audience didn’t want the program interrupted by drawings and it became so bad the announcer had to stop reading numbers and start calling out birthdates, and when that didn’t work they began to just randomly choose people for the promo gifts.

Unfortunately the feelings associated with these products became quite negative quickly, since the announcements didn’t stop when requested by an obvious majority of the audience. The audience members could not easily retrieve their winnings from drawings because of seating arrangements so several just stopped participating.

So keep in mind, marketing has to be able to adjust on the spot at times. Maybe the promotions should have been handed out while hundreds waited in line to get in to this event? Or the announcements should have stopped and a new plan could have been announced, such as “since this is obviously not working well for any of us, we will announce the winners after the program so you can collect them on your way out as you exit.“

Be sure to think about logistics and backup options in case your promotional plans just don’t turn out as you expected. After all, it’s better to adjust as required by your customers than to simply ignore them and stick to a plan that is falling apart.

And yes, I have made my share of blunders and continue to learn and remember these as lessons for the future.

Debbie Newhouse
Newhouse Strategic Marketing, Inc.