Do Your Promotional Materials Match Your Product or Service?

Be careful when you are selecting your paper stock, colors and other business materials for your company.

If you are in an industry where quality and details count that image and impression begin the very minute someone looks at your company’s information.
It’s a balance, because you don’t want to be perceived as too expensive or lavish and yet it’s important to be perceived as solid and long lasting, unless you are the low price leader in the industry.

Several companies are using the same paper stock today, the least expensive. Although it looks good on a quote, are you cutting yourself short and putting your information in the stack with coupons or trash? Are you being perceived as less in quality for healthcare or other important services?
Another example of this important connection, is when you sell visual products it’s also best to make sure your photographs are professional and bring that strength across in your materials as well. Match the strengths you are selling to the strengths in your communication on the Internet, printed materials, and consistently throughout.

So step back and review your materials, competitors’ materials, and define your image and impression by what you see and not by what you know.

Submitted by Debbie Newhouse
Newhouse Strategic Marketing, Inc. &
Rev Up Now, LLC
February 2008