Marketing as a Meal

It’s understandable how people get marketing and advertising confused since the word marketing is used with several company names that may only serve one element of marketing, such as print ads, clothing with your company name, radio commercials, literature, etc....

So if marketing is the meal then advertising is the salad or whatever food item you choose; just keep in mind marketing is the entire meal, it’s the methods, plans, interactions, and communications you have with your customers to bring your message to them in service or product.

While advertising is a single element of marketing, it usually gets the spotlight and costs the most, which explains some of the confusion.

A Marketing Meal

Appetizer =
Market Research (concept, situation analysis, etc.)
Salad =
Market Planning (outline using appetizer & starting into main course)
Main Course =
Main Course = Marketing Mix traditional 4-P’s of marketing (product, place, price, promotion) & some have added people, position, process and packaging to today’s marketing mix.
Dessert =
Implementation/Measurement of Marketing Activities, Profit



Of course within each of these elements above are a ton of details, however what’s most important is for business owners to realize marketing is the entire process while advertising is just an element of this entire meal. Advertising generally takes place as a tactic under one or more of the main course P’s in the form of communications.

It's time to head to the kitchen and get cooking!