December Article and Tip

Holiday & Appreciation Time

Well, it's that time of year again to thank our customers and to show our appreciation. Not that this is the only time of year to do that, it's just customary with some.

As we know some corporations forbid gifts of any kind, while others look away as we munch on the latest treat delivered:).

I try to respect the culture of the customer's business and therefore only send what is acceptable.

However, if you can send some treats I have learned through the years of being on the receiving end to send these prior to the holiday food crunch time. Which means after Thanksgiving when most have returned from break and prior to the week before the December holiday break. This way you catch most employees, the items don't have to be tossed or taken home, and yours isn't lost in the pile of incoming.

Some products that I have received positive feedback on are: Assorted mini muffins, Hershey chocolates, mixed fruit/nuts, cookies, and this year we are trying Vermont Shortbread. We like to rotate and keep in mind special diets as well.

Sometimes a donation or contribution to a cause they believe in is more fitting, just taking the time to match the item to each of your customers and delivering it with a smile goes a long way in today's world of email!

So yes our clients receive different items, because we want to take the time to know them and respect their unique characteristics.

Marketing Tip of the Month: Smile on and off the phone, it shows you like your work and makes doing business with you more enjoyable!

Tickle for the Day to get that smile started: Our son when he was very young added some embarrassment and laughter this time of year, and we were recently reminded of it when he referred to our tie-downs (bungee cords) as jumper cables to my husband's relief. The first time we were securing a Christmas tree in the back of the pickup truck he proudly stated, "Dad it's now time for the hookers," with of course numerous strangers standing around us. Cords with hooks, I get it -not so sure the others did:).

Submitted by Debbie Newhouse of Rev Up Now and Newhouse Strategic Marketing, Inc.