Guard Your Brand Like Your Personal Name

Would you allow people to start calling you by a different name or spelling your name differently because they wanted to or thought it was better?
If you can remember that building a brand name is not unlike your personal name then you can prevent those with good intentions from modifying or eroding your brand and tagline value.

Throughout my career, I have met several individuals that put company names on shirts, cups, etc. and take the liberty of changing colors, fonts, and layouts. One time I traveled to several divisions of the same corporation only to find each division had modified the corporate logo just a bit, although the colors were blue and white some had gone as far as to change them to purple. I began to ask if they were indeed the same corporation with the same objectives?

Growing tired of your company identity is common, however recognition and consistency bring comfort to customers and suppliers.

Consistency and recognition are some of the best tools you have for your service or product and need to be preserved long enough for someone to get to know you. With small companies this process takes even longer, therefore guard your company identity like your personal name.

Submitted by: Debbie Newhouse of