Green Opportunities

Seeing Green long or short term, depends upon what and where it is,

Numerous industries and businesses have an opportunity to adjust or launch into the current green movement with consumers and to take advantage of some of the tax incentives for the shift. However, the businesses will need to move promptly and figure out long-term how to remain profitable with or without government assistance in policy or funding.

As I work with clients moving or launching towards the green trend I am reminded of the speed at which these need to occur to be relevant and timely, and of the long-term risks that may be associated with the shift.

Therefore, it’s important to remain economically conscious when moving in this direction and to have a backup plan. We have yet to discover what occurs when solar and wind are used for power in large quantities. We will have surprises with our organic food in larger volumes and we will need to be ready to adjust as needed for these unknown shifts.

So don’t be like the railroad and think you are the only game in town, just around the corner there is another competitor or change about to occur so keep your eyes wide open.

Newhouse Strategic Marketing, Inc.