Green Movement in Marketing

Green concerns are fully upon us now and very real, although some felt this was a short phase I believe we will be in this trend for quite some time and it will not fade like it did years ago.

Environmentally friendly attitudes are being driven by health demands (allergies, etc.), budgets to save money (reducing usage), and by the concern for the future of this earth. No matter where you sit on the degree of this topic, it will affect you and your business. Therefore, it is wise to take an inventory of what you may already be doing that is now being termed green and what you might need to start doing or communicating to be more earth friendly.

Most are already green to some degree, we work from our homes saving fuel and reducing pollution. Some recycle the paper for packing boxes, copy both sides of paper, have gone to paperless invoices, etc. So first take an inventory of what you already do and communicate it, then build upon this with improvements.

Then review your product or service and evaluate whether it needs to be modified or certified by a firm for environmental friendliness. Make sure you talk about this on your website and other communication pieces. To talk about your green ways is an added feature that some may be looking for and others may just choose to ignore, either way it doesn't hurt to evaluate your specific situation.

Being good to our environment equals healthier ways and usually saves money, so being green is smart.Submitted by Debbie Newhouse of Newhouse Strategic Marketing, Inc.

Tip: Start your New Year by measuring your ROI for marketing efforts! You could easily move ahead since a new study by the Sales Lead Management Association (SLMA) reported that 82.8% of small businesses do not track ROI in lead generating programs.