Quick Checks Can Save You Thousands

When you consider using a tagline with your company image it’s wise to check and see if someone else in your industry is already using it and if it has been protected. Search the Internet for the phrase or name and then go to http://www.uspto.gov.

These are good starting points and can save you money prior to hiring legal assistance.

You don’t want to build a reputation, recognition and value around a phrase or name, if you could be forced to stop using it at a later date

It always surprises me how many marketing and advertising professionals pitch new concepts to clients prior to checking their potential availability.

Additional Information for Evaluating Advertising Opportunities

When reviewing advertising opportunities request a copy of their BPA report www.bpaww.com, these are now available for Internet advertising as well.

BPA is a not-for-profit organization since 1931 that provides independently verified summaries of traffic and demographics for the particular promotion being reviewed.

As Guerrilla Marketers know the more information we have the better we can target our audience, spend our resources and plan for success.

Numbers are always a better measurement than great sales pitches. I have also noticed when you request the facts you need and the response you receive is more hype than quantitative it may not be a good fit for your product or service.