Make Sure Email Leads Don’t End Up in a Black Hole

Always test your customer contact points, because it’s the only sure way to make sure you are getting what you paid for in promotions and to experience your potential customers’ experience.

I recently tested a client’s email address on a professional fee based web site. Unfortunately, the email response I received from this email test was a notice of delay to be followed by a non-deliverable message.

Sometimes the “computer handshakes” don’t agree and then your new leads can end up in a black hole, so how many have you not received lately?

As the filters increase and attempt to help us, they are also becoming a barrier to legitimate sales leads.

This is becoming an on-going challenge and several programs manage email differently.

My husband’s email will only accept mine once he has accepted one email from me and every time it is upgraded he has to re-accept my email address.

Tip of the Month
Always check the translations of your product or service name prior to execution if there is a chance of you going to tri-lingual packaging or International. We have heard this before, however I am always surprised at how many forget to check this prior to proceeding.