A Dozen Thrifty Marketing Tips

  1. Submit your web site to no charge directories (industry and local ones) such as localeze.com, local.com, yellowpages.com, registerlocal.com, local.botw.org, Google maps, superpages.com, botw.org/top/Regional/United_States/, searchmarketing.yahoo.com/local/businesss.php, dmoz.org, and several more. Update current listings with your industry associations and others you may have with more compelling messages.
  2. Trade links with a complimentary services/products, simply email them and ask if they would be interested.
  3. Clean & organize your office while noting reconnections that can be made and have been forgotten.
  4. Submit an article to magazine editors or web sites that addresses today’s headlines with your product/service (i.e. Fuel Prices Fuel New Products).
  5. Volunteer your service/product to a non-profit organization you can help others during these hard times and build new networks.
  6. If you have been tracking your incoming leads, don’t renew non-performing promotions.
  7. Consider a new audience for your products/services, might start by interviewing one, people love to share their expertise usually.
  8. Negotiate with your suppliers so both of you can continue to survive long-term by being partners in today’s economic conditions.
  9. Extend payment terms if possible and safe as an edge against competitors.
  10. Don’t forget to highlight your years in business, because this provides peace of mind to customers and creditability while allowing you to celebrate your company’s anniversaries from years of hard work.
  11. Provide information with your product/service that saves your customer’s money and adds value.
  12. Update your business cards to include a coupon/promo and distribute by email, in person, and by snail mail with a letter thanking them for past business or providing news.