How to Measure the Temperature of Your Brand

1. Review your website statistics regarding the brand name used as a search term. Compare internal stat programs with Overture Keyword Search Tool at and with Google Analytics. Results will vary since they approach it differently, however there is value in reviewing the various data and results for correlations.

2. Survey your Industry; several online search companies can assist. Some companies to be used for this purpose are (in no particular order):

3. Check with a trade journal in your industry to see if they conduct surveys in this area.

4. Internally measure your incoming inquiries by brand name mention or by numbers and survey incoming leads from phone calls, emails, and others by asking how they heard about your brand.

5. Scan the industry journals your customers read and see how many times your brand name is mentioned in articles.

6. Geographic locations of brand being shipped and sold in, this will assist to reveal different awareness levels in regions.

7. Traditional research such as focus groups can be useful for consumer products, however the trend is going away from such tools for several reasons.

8. Website traffic can be a directional indicator, however some have experienced traffic increase with a reduction in sales, so be careful. Alexa helps with snapshot comparisons, however keep in mind this data collection is very limited, if you need deeper industry statistics and trends try Media Metrix Data,, since Alexa can be off directionally at times

Submitted by Debbie Newhouse of
Rev Up Now, LLC,