Intentional Brand Knockoffs

For a minute pretend you are a farmer or just planted a garden, you tilled the soil, planted the seeds, weeded and then went to pick your harvest to find unknown people out picking your crops.

Would you be upset? Would you wonder what they were thinking?

This is how people feel when someone thinks it’s okay to copy a product that is protected by a patent, a brand that has been funded and protected by a trademark to only have someone use it on a t-shirt for what they think is fun and legal.

So next time you have a discussion with friends or are tempted to borrow a logo that you feel is community property for a special interest group or message; stop and think of the farmer and his crops or you and your vegetable garden.

Courtesy is never out of fashion or just a trend, if you are indeed interested do some research at or contact the owner to get permission first. After all they have spent their time and money building this brand and just because they are a corporation doesn’t mean it’s non-personal because those corporations provide jobs to several people that are planting the seeds and pulling the weeds every day.

Newhouse Strategic Marketing, Inc.