Why Giving a Seminar at a Trade Show Can Be a Winning Opportunity!

1. You are already on location

2. It’s your target audience

3. It sets you apart from other exhibitors as an expert

4. It builds your creditability

5. The media often contacts these individuals at a later date for article input and as an on-going resource.

6. Expands your productivity time and reach at the event

7. Possible new leads

8. Those that can’t make the show still hear about you in communications that are sent out regarding these seminars.

9. Some customers like to check out products and services from a distance prior to engaging in direct communications.

10. The questions and comments you receive can provide insight into how your marketing messages are being received.

11. Conversations and listening can provide you with some suggestions for new products or improvements to your service and product line.

12. Can provide a platform for attracting potential business partners and employees.

Newhouse Strategic Marketing, Inc.
Debbie Newhouse