Isolation Marketing

Be careful when you create marketing materials to include examples of numerous customer types.

I recently watched a Louisville Technical College ad on the History Channel and we promptly started discussing why the young women were not highlighted with names and majors like the young men they were walking with? Are these young women students, girlfriends, or what?

Most of the time these are just mistakes and it’s easy to forget, however if you always force yourself to look at your materials prior to release and ask yourself a few questions such as:

  1. Do I isolate anyone?
  2. Why have I isolated that age group or gender?
  3. Am I unintentionally sending a negative message?
  4. What conclusions can on draw from the images including the backgrounds and is the tone I want to set?
  5. Have I chosen appropriate words and terms?
  6. You may just have a few “aha” moments.

Newhouse Strategic Marketing, Inc.