12 Ways To Keep People Wanting Your Newsletter:

1. Keep the articles pertinent to what your customers need in information, such as new literature, new items on your website to make their job easier, product updates, etc. Everyone is always looking to stay up to speed quickly and easily.

2. Don’t rehash what the industry has already written about in the mainstream trade magazines recently.

3. Don’t waste their time with filler such as crossword puzzles. This isn’t your school newsletter or newspaper.

4. Keep it fun and interesting with some information that is personable such as new hires or new opportunities.

5. Ask if they want your letter via email or postal, some want both believe it or not.

6. Follow-up on non-deliverables with a phone call and if you don’t have a phone number search the Internet, usually you can find a number to someone close to advise you of the new hire or status.

7. Try different methods for different channels of newsletter formats, some filters may not allow images in emails, some may need attachments.

8. Archive your newsletters on your website so they are available for review. Empower your readers to opt in or out or survey for the format they want.

9. Address the top 3 questions, comments or complaints you receive in an article of explanation or recommendation. Several things change when people understand better.

10. Talk about upcoming events you will be available at, so they can look you up if they are in the area.

11. Stay with a format that is easy to read, font needs to be at least 12 point.

12. Don’t force a delivery schedule that doesn’t allow ample time for relevant news in your business or industry.

Maybe your pattern is once monthly or once a quarter, of course if you are in technology your releases will be more frequent than if you manufacture lawn mowers for example.

Submitted by Debbie Newhouse of www.RevUpNow.com