10 Keys to Marketing Optimization

Several have grown frustrated from marketing and the lack of positive feedback gained from such expenditures. Sometimes this expense is in an ad we placed or a direct mailing we completed. No matter what method you use, marketing requires homework and needs to deliver what it promises in the service or product offered.

Homework that includes knowing why your current customers come to you, what the competitors are doing, barriers that may block new customers or inhibit existing customers from referring more business to you, what your best customer looks like and how to attract more of these.

The marketing options are abundant and questions need to be asked of these as well, such as what is the average response rate, how close does this take my potential customer to my desired outcome, is my message clear and recalled easily, how can I track this activity, etc.

To increase your marketing strength takes breaking habits, looking at your business from the buyer's viewpoint and sometimes making difficult changes or shifts internally to take care of common complaints regarding quality in service and products.

Marketing is not meant to bring business in and ignore the negative parts that irritate customers. Marketing is to enhance a business that already produces solid products and services by delivering the message to the people that care.

So upon clearing the path for your customer to do business with you easily, optimize your marketing for maximum payback.

Marketing optimization can be summed up in 10 key areas as follows:
1. Customer experience cycle (from hello to after the sale) if this experience is negative somewhere it will cancel several marketing efforts and waste your marketing money. This is so critical that we have stated it again, remove the barriers. Several forget that communications with customers in all formats is marketing. Some conduct short surveys to ensure this path is easy and delivers to expectations.

2. Current Base, your greatest opportunity is with your current customer base, 60% of your growth should be obtained here first. So review those clients and offer them additional incentives to provide referrals or to purchase more from you. Make sure they are kept in a constant loop of conversations with you at least once a quarter to ensure they remember all of your services/products.

3. Evaluate where your best customers come from and how they find you. Make sure you do more marketing and sales in this area. Don't know this, start asking or finding out ASAP.

4. Consistent Message: Tie all of your marketing efforts together to keep your message, look and personality consistent. As soon as you farm out a section to one firm versus another firm you risk inconsistency, if you use more than one firm figure out a way to keep both of them on the same page of your company's ongoing evolution.

5. Stay the Course: Stick with it, several become bored and impatient with their efforts, however evidence shows that solid marketing programs demand repetitive efforts that simply grow tentacles and gather additional momentum.

6. Track & Review at the end of each year, what worked best and why? What didn't work and why, should it be continued? Can we tweak and where?

7. Partnership marketing is great when complimentary services/products share the same customer base and can coordinate efforts together to save money and stay highly focused.

8. Define your own marketing path, go where your customers are and your competitors aren't.

9. Refrain from the fun side of marketing and advertising for the sake of fun. Each of us loves to see our company name in lights, however maybe your customer base works best with direct mail or business assistance to grow their business.

10. Diversify efforts to make every sales and marketing opportunity have more than one purpose, if you do it off the Internet how can you involve on the Internet? The best promotions attempt to harvest additional insights without jeopardizing the main objective and seek additional low hanging fruit for follow-up.

Marketing success is truly in the details so reward your business by diving into those details and finding gaps you can fill for your customer and marketing plan.
Submitted by:
Debbie Newhouse
Certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach(tm)
Professional Marketing for over 20 years
Rev Up Now, LLC