10 Reasons Why Email Newsletters Still Rock!

Why staying in touch is important today.

  1. Keeps you in touch with your customers, therefore top of mind.
  2. The people who care and want your information have signed up for this, make sure they all know you are still alive and kicking (still in business, still developing new products, changes to assist them in the economic times)
  3. Not lost in the “clutter” of social networking, format to tell the entire story.
  4. Speed and ease, email newsletters are easy and fast to deliver.
  5. Keeps your email “active” in their address books, so you don’t get spam filtered or deleted during technology changes.
  6. Forces you to focus upon your most critical message at this time to your industry.
  7. Less expensive than press releases, promo materials, advertising, and web site updates.
  8. Great way to update your contact list and keep abreast of changes.
  9. Provides the space and format for key discussion points and education for your product versus replacements that may be entering the marketplace.
  10. Extinguishes any rumors that may be circulating by encouraging direct communication.

By Newhouse Strategic Marketing, Inc.
Debbie Newhouse